Stormy Weather (+CD) : for piano and piano/vocal/guitar im Notenshop von Musikhaus Hörle - Waldkauz Verlag kaufen.

Stormy Weather (+CD) : for piano and piano/vocal/guitar

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 - Stormy Weather (+CD) : for piano and

Titel: Stormy Weather (+CD) : for piano and


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Verfügbarkeit: Lagerartikel
Lieferzeit: 2-3 Arbeitstage (Mo. bis Fr., Feiertage ausgenommen)
Best.-Nr.: GN136590
ISBN/ID: 0-571-53156-3
Vlg.-Nr.: 0571531563
Verlag: Faber Music Ltd.
Kategorie: Noten > Musiknoten
Inhalt/Infotext: The Jazz Piano Player
Kember, John, arr.
and 15 other classic Jazz Standards
My Ship
Over the Rainbow
There's a small Hotel
A foggy Day
Just one of those Things
The Shadow of your Smile
Folks who live on the Hill
Let's do it (Let's fall in Love)
Love is here to stay
I've got You under my Skin
The very Thought of You
All the Things You are
I've got the World on a String
They can't take that away from me
Stormy Weather
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